The power of pricing.

Sep 8, 2018 | Blog

The power of pricing. That is a great statement that we remind our sellers of constantly. A seller needs to price their house according to the market, not to their desire. Just because they want a certain price or perhaps need a certain price doesn’t mean that the house will sell for that price. We take a look at the sales, find your competition and recent sales, check the statistics, and then give an opinion as to what the house will sell for. Our opinions tend to be pretty good since we have been doing this for a combined 51 years. However, we don’t have a crystal ball to the future to know what buyers are out there, if the market will suddenly slow down or interest rates will jump; and we certainly can’t foresee the economy and what that will do. These are all factors in pricing a house. The one thing we would like to mention is to listen to your agent. If your agent has any experience, they will have a good idea as to what the market is like and what a good price would be. Even if you think the neighbors house that sold for a certain price and your house is WAY better than theirs, so your house should sell for way more than theirs, doesn’t mean it will. You may not have noticed that your house is more worn than theirs or that they updated certain features, etc. Unless you have certain facts that we may not know, we should still, most likely, be able to figure the price better. Since this isn’t a science we can only do the best we can with the facts. Most of you who have worked with us have heard Jae quote “there’s nothing wrong with a house that the price can’t fix”. This is so true.
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Tauber Team

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