Lou and Jae Tauber were my real estate agents when I sold my house. They did their utmost to make my for-sale home look appealing to buyers and get the best possible price. They did a great job photographing the house, writing up an appealing listing, hosting open houses, and advertising the home. They guided me through the sale process and were always patient and kind when I got impatient or worried.

Lou and Jae Tauber were also my real estate agents when I purchase a new home. They found listings and toured homes with me, following my whims as I decided whether to purchase a townhouse, condo or separate house. I ended up with a really nice separate house for a good price. They assisted with inspections and helped me find a lender.

You can trust Lou and Jae. They tell you right up front that they are working for YOU and will keep your best interests in mind.  They are honest, ethical, good business people, and they are also kind. They are my friends.