Talk about good at hand holding! Lou and Jae were terrific throughout not one, but two recent transactions for us. It was traumatic enough having to sell my aunt’s house last summer, but she had a reverse mortgage that undid the first attempt to sell. Lou and Jae to the rescue – they took care of every sticky step. Then we decided to buy the little house next door to our own to have as a rental, and again, Lou and Jae took care of it all helping us through every step: the finances, inspections, getting the new roof warranty transferred over to us, making sure the owner moved out in time, and even help in finding her cat a new home.  Above and beyond! But, that’s not all, both sales closed on the very same day, and it all went without a hitch. I didn’t have to worry, and I didn’t. One happy customer here, make that two happy customers.